Ali, Heavyweights, Mike Tyson

Ali Boxing Tyson – What if? Part 1 – Prime –

Rare HBO boxing feature – never released!




Muhammad Ali at his best


vs Mike Tyson at his best – who wins?


The two most famous and most exciting fighters of all time boxing toe-to-toe to prove who is number 1.


Here in part 1 – PRIME – the young Muhammad Ali and the young Mike Tyson are COMPARED IN THEIR PRIME.


In this Part 1- PRIME – “Big” George Foreman, and boxing trainers Kevin Rooney and Teddy Atlas talk of the fighters when they were at there best.




Rare historical footage includes the 1960’s Muhammad Ali screaming at the top of his voice. Mike Tyson is much more reserved but still very ominous.  Both fighters are shown training for their ring appearances.


Stay tuned for part 2 – STRATEGY – where the Mike Tyson supporters and Muhammad Ali supporters stand toe to toe and try to prove to the boxing world – why their guy wins.


Author – Boxing Hall of Fame 


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