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Ali Calls George Chuvalo The “Washer Woman”

At His Funniest – Muhammad Ali Visits “The Washer Woman” George Chuvalo at His Boxing Camp


Muhammad Ali, always a prankster, decided to visit Chuvalo while George was training for his big fight against former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Floyd Patterson.


Ali made up great nicknames for all his boxing opponents and his nickname for Chuvalo was, “The Washer Woman.” Ali described Chuvalo’s boxing style as a “wild ladies style” of boxing.

So, Ali is off with mop and pail in hand to visit Chuvalo at his boxing camp.


Ali vs Chuvalo funny 2






Once at the camp, Ali turned on his funny act.

But, George Chuvalo was not a happy boxing audience.

Finally, Ali was so impressed with the muscular Chuvalo that he had to “feel him out.”


Stay tuned for Ali’s visit to, “The Rabbit,” Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Floyd Patterson.


Author – Boxing Hall of Fame

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