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Joey Archer Beats Holly Mims This Day February 7, 1964



Joey Archer Beats Holly Mims This Day February 7, 1964


  • Joey Archer 159½ lbs
  • Holly Mims 161 lbs
  • SD in round 10 of 10
  • Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
  • Referee: Mark Conn 5-4
  • Judge: Johnny Dran 5-4
  • Judge: Tony Castellano 4-5


Joey Archer barely beat aging Holley Mims on an unpopular split 10 round decision at MSG. Archer, who said he was sluggish because of a week-long cold, was almost floored in the 3rd when he was nailed by a left and right to the jaw. Mims missed a follow-up left hook that might have ended the fight right there. After trailing for the first half of the fight, Archer rallied and pulled out the verdict by winning the last round from the tiring old-timer.

Unofficial scorecards

AP – 6-4 Mims

A poll of 14 boxing writers had 8 scoring it for Mims, 5 scoring for Archer and 1 called it a draw


Post fight comments

“That’s OK with me, I beat Archer even if I didn’t get the decision. But that’s an old story with me.” -Holley Mims

“Mims is real cute and I learned plenty from him. Maybe if Giardello was watching he’ll give me the title fight.” -Joey Archer

“Yeah, Joey gave Giardello the invitation alright. He gave him the invite by sticking his chin out to some of those right hands.” -Jimmy Archer, Joey’s brother and manager

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