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Alexis Arguello Stops Bobby Chacon This Day November 16, 1979



Alexis Arguello Stops Bobby Chacon This Day November 16, 1979

Arguello scores 7th round TKO

Alexis Arguello 129½ lbs

Bobby Chacon 129¾ lbs

RTD at 3:00 in round 7 of 15

Location: Forum, Inglewood, California, USA

Referee: John Thomas 66-67

Judge: Henry Elesperu 66-67

Judge: Larry Rozadilla 67-66

“At the opening bell, Alexis Arguello had a look of supreme confidence. Five rounds later, slightly bruised and behind on all judges scorecards, Arguello exuded even more confidence. Arguello was rocked by the game Bobby Chacon in the first five rounds. The challenger lunged at the champion and scored frequently with lefts and rights.

Chacon appeared to hurt Arguello in the 4th round with two looping right hands, but the champion kept backing up, staying out of range, and weathered the attack. The WBC super featherweight champion knew he had taken the best challenge Bobby Chacon had to offer. Now it was his turn. So Arguello came on in the 6th round, hammering Chacon and opening a two inch gash near the corner of Chacon’s right eye. In the 7th round, Arguello landed a blistering left hand, dazing Chacon.

The challenger retreated to a neutral corner, crouched with his hands on the ropes and took a mandatory eight count, trying desperately to allow time for the bells to stop ringing in his head. At the end of the 7th round, the ring doctor examined Chacon’s bloodied eye, stepped back and signaled the end.” – United Press International

Purses: Arguello – $100,000, Chacon – $35,000


Post fight comment

“From the beginning I said Chacon was a good fighter. He’s an intelligent guy and a good boxer. You have to take your time against him.” -Alexis Arguello

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