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Dempsey Boxing KO’S Babe Ruth In Popularity

Boxing Legend Jack Dempsey Scores KO Victory Over Baseball and Babe Ruth In 1928 Popularity Poll



It was no contest – a national poll confirms that Jack Dempsey is more popular than Babe Ruth. By almost 2-1

Dempsey vs Ruth 3



Dempsey vs Ruth 5


Most surprising – the poll was taken the year AFTER the boxing world watch  Jack Dempsey lose a second time to Gene Tunney and the after the  Babe Ruth stunned the baseball world by hitting 60 home runs.


Dempsey vs Ruth 18



Dempsey vs Ruth 2


Dempsey vs Ruth 6


The reason – the incredibly explosive Dempsey  boxing films were shown in movie theaters throughout the country for years. Boxing could be captured by the camera well. The ring was small and the camera could be placed close by. The fighters bodies and the action filled the screen.


Dempsey vs Ruth 16


Fans ran to the theaters to see each Dempsey fight. Baseball films were tough to shoot. The field was huge and the cameras were placed far away. With no zoom lenses the baseball players looked like ants running around the field.



Dempsey vs Ruth 8


Also, Dempsey appeared in many Hollywood movies.


Dempsey vs Ruth 20


The two legends were great friends.


Dempsey vs Ruth 25


Dempsey vs Ruth 23



Dempsey vs Ruth 22


Dempsey vs Ruth 24

It was Boxing vs Baseball in 1928 – and it was no contest – Jack Dempsey KO’d Babe Ruth


Author – Boxing Hall of Fame

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