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This Day September 8, 1973 Roberto Duran KOs Guts Ishimatsu

Roberto Duran KOs Guts Ishimatsu This Day September 8, 1973

Roberto Duran retains the lightweight crown




Roberto Duran 133½ lbs

Guts Ishimatsu 134¾ lbs

TKO at 2:10 in round 10 of 15

Location: Gimnasio Nuevo Panama, Panama City, Panama

Referee: Nicasio L. Drake

Judge: Harmodio Cedeno

WBA Lightweight Title (3rd defense by Duran)

World lightweight champion Roberto Duran of Panama made a furious attack on Japanese Ishimatsu Suzuki Saturday night, forcing the judges to stop the bout in the 10th round. The end came after 2:10 of the 10th. In the final round, Suzuki was knocked down three times and twice in the 9th. The 22 year old champion maintained his superiority over his contender, although in the 3rd round he was surprised by Suzuki. Duran was greeted with a right uppercut on the eyebrow, opening a gash that refused to stop bleeding for the rest of the fight.


Guts Ishimatsu was also known as Gattsu Ishimatsu, Guts Suzuki, Yuji Suzuki, Suzuki Yuji, Suzuki Ishimatsu, and Ishimatsu Suzuki.

Duran was guaranteed $60,000. Ishimatsu got $10,000.

Referee Nicasio Drake deducted 2 points from Ishimatsu in the 4th round for twice hitting Duran on the break while being separated.

Post-Fight Comments

 “The cut was caused by a butt.” – Roberto Duran

 “Suzuki was determined to take the crown with him. However, Duran is still the best.” – Ray Arcel, Duran’s trainer

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