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This Day August 4, 1970 George Foreman Stops George Chuvalo

George Foreman Stops George Chuvalo This Day August 4, 1970

Big George Foreman one step closer to the heavyweight crown.





George Foreman 218 lbs

George Chuvalo 214½ lbs

TKO at 1:41 in round 3 of 10

Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA

Referee: Arthur Mercante

Judge: Alphonse Ourth

Judge: Tony Rossi

Judge: Jack Gordon


The beginning of the end came a minute into the third round, when Foreman crashed his left fist against Chuvalo’s chin.

It seemed for a moment that the Canadian must go down and, indeed, the seat of his royal-blue velvet trunks did touch the ropes for an instant.

Unlike many young fighters, Foreman did not step back to admire the effect of his work. He followed the hook instantly with a succession of rights and lefts that drove Chuvalo’s helpless hulk reeling about the ring.

The young fighter was landing punches at the rate of almost one a second, and he kept the fusillade going for a full 40 seconds.

Then, with Chuvalo’s manager, Irving Ungerman, mounting the ring steps, intent on ending the slaughter, Referee Arthur Mercante stepped between the two men and signaled that it was all over. The time was 1:41.

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