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George Foreman is Beaten by Jimmy Young This Day March 17, 1977



George Foreman is Beaten by Jimmy Young This Day March 17, 1977




  • George Foreman 229 lbs
  • Jimmy Young 213 lbs
  • UD in round 12 of 12
  • Location: Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Referee: Waldemar Schmidt
  • Judge: Ismael Wiso Fernandez 114-115
  • Judge: Cesar Ramos 112-116
  • Judge: Waldemar Schmidt 111-118




Foreman pushed, laced, hit on the break and almost broke Young’s left arm in one of the clinches. Foreman had a point deducted in the 3rd round for what the referee called “unnecessary roughing.”

Foreman hurt Young with a left hook in the 7th round. Young later said, “George did not know it, but while I may have been standing, I was out cold. He could have pushed me over with his little finger. How I survived that round I will never know.”

Young dropped Foreman with right in the 12th round.

Named The Ring Fight of the Year for 1977.

Round 12 was named The Ring Round of the Year for 1977.

In his dressing room after the fight, Foreman told his trainer, Gil Clancy, that as he left the ring, he was plunged into despair. He thought he had died, and a giant hand was carrying him out of the emptiness surrounding him. He then said his head and hands were bleeding, and he began to yell, “Jesus Christ is coming alive in me.” With that, Foreman jumped into the shower before Clancy and the others in the room could stop him. As the water poured down on him, Foreman began to shout, “Hallelujah, I’m clean! Hallelujah, I’ve been born again!” Clancy later said, “It was hot as hell in the ring. He was hallucinating from dehydration.” Foreman, who believed he had a real religious experience, retired from boxing and became an ordained minister. Ten years later, Foreman returned to boxing at the age of 38.

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