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Larry Holmes Beats Trevor Berbick This Day April 11, 1981

Larry Holmes Beats Trevor Berbick This Day April 11, 1981



  • Larry Holmes 215 lbs
  • Trevor Berbick 215½ lbs
  • UD in round 15 of 15
  • Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Referee: Mills Lane
  • Judge: Joe Swessel 150-135
  • Judge: Chuck Minker 146-139
  • Judge: Lou Tabat 146-140
  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 147-138 Holmes



Holmes was a 50 to 1 favorite.

The fight was televised live on HBO.

Holmes would earn a little more than $500,000, and Berbick would get between $100,000 and $200,000.

This was Berbick’s first fight in the United States.

Berbick entered the fight as the Canadian heavyweight champion and the WBC’s fifth-ranked heavyweight contender.

Entering the fight against Berbick, Holmes had won eight straight title defenses by knockout, tying the record of Tommy Burns—the 5’7″ Canadian who held the heavyweight title from 1906 to 1908—for the most consecutive knockout victories by a heavyweight champion. Berbick became the first challenger to go the distance with Holmes, preventing the champion from breaking Burns’ record.

Judge Joe Swessel scored every round for Holmes. He was the only person among the official judges and ringside media to do so.

Berbick said he broke his left thumb in the first round.

Former World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis was ringside for the fight. He died of a heart attack the following morning.

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