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Evander Holyfield KOs Ricky Parkey This Day May 15, 1987


Evander Holyfield KOs Ricky Parkey This Day May 15, 1987

Holyfield Retains World Boxing Association Cruiserweight Title



  • Evander Holyfield 188 lbs
  • Ricky Parkey 187½ lbs
  • TKO at 2:44 in round 3 of 15
  • Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Referee: Davey Pearl
  • Judge: Frank Cairo 20-18
  • Judge: Mike Glienna 20-18
  • Judge: Cindy Bartin 20-18
  • World Boxing Association Cruiserweight Title (2nd defense by Holyfield)
  • International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Title (2nd defense by Parkey)


Parkey, who usually takes a round or two to get his full fight underway, apparently figured the sooner he got started the sooner he’d get finished.

He was right. He got finished early thanks to a Holyfield right that seemed to be equipped with target detectors. Parkey, who seldom gets hit with right hands, didn’t seem to be able to elude Holyfield’s cannon shots.

Holyfield found him early and often with stiff, left jabs in the first round and soon measured him with right crosses. He staggered Parkey with a jab, right cross combination near the middle of the round. But Parkey’s chin stood the test.

Parkey landed sweeping hooks and some wide-arcing right hands of his own as Holyfield closed the distance. But they provided little deterrence.

Holyfield stung him with single shots twice in the second before opening up with a series of punches that caught the retreating Parkey near the ropes. But he fought effectively under fire and made it to the bell.

A right hand sent him wobbling to the canvas late in the third round, but Parkey got to one knee and waved to indicate that he was alright. Holyfield met him with a barrage of punches when he got up and referee Davey Pearl waved him off just as a right hand landed and dropped Parkey for the final time.

The win raised Holyfield’s record to 15-0, all by knockouts. Parkey’s log is now 18-5, 11 KOs.

And it raised the expectations of people who can’t seem to wait for Holyfield to cast off his cruiserweight garments and move on to heavier competition.

In the post-fight press conference, which was linked by telephone to reporters in New York, the most-often asked question was “how soon can you pick up 20 pounds (he fought at 188 last night) and go after Mike Tyson?”

Holyfield said he wants to wait “to make sure I can be effective at 205-210 pounds. I think we’re smart enough to know when.”

“He’s going to clean up the cruiserweights first,” said Lou Duva who trains and advises Holyfield. “There’s no telling how long that’s going to be

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