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J Lo KO’s Madonna for Boxing Photo Title

Jennifer Lopez Scores a Knockout in Photo Spread


Jennifer Lopez Boxing

Worthy of Boxing Hall of Fame consideration, Jennifer Lopez scored a knockout with her incredible spread in V Magazine earlier this year.


Jennifer Lopez Boxing Sexy


Madonna has a long history wearing boxing gear in photo shoots but was no match for J Lo.

Madonna Boxing in Ring


Madonna Boxing in ring


In addition to her photo shoots, J Lo put on the boxing gloves for her role in two Hollywood movies.

Jenifer Lopez Boxing in Enough

“Enough” with Billy Cambell



And “Money Train” with Wesley Snipes.

There have been other super starlets who have been boxing for the camera : Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Anniston, Adriana Lima, and more. They are all heavyweight boxing champion knockouts!


Jennifer Lopez Boxing pose sexy

J Lo takes all of them on in the next Boxing Hall of Fame blog – stay tuned.


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