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John Conteh Beats Yaqui Lopez This Day October 9, 1976

John Conteh Beats Yaqui Lopez This Day October 9, 1976



  • John Conteh 174 lbs
  • Yaqui Lopez 173 lbs
  • UD in round 15 of 15
  • Location: Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Referee: Rudolf Drust 149-145
  • Judge: Marcello Bertini 149-145
  • Judge: Raymond Baldeyrou 148-146



John Conteh of Britain retained his WBC version of the world light heavyweight title Saturday after an absence from the ring of 15 months by outpointing Alvaro Lopez, a Mexican-born American, at the Forum. After four solid opening rounds, Conteh found the challenger swarming over him in the 5th while in the 6th, one of the toughest in the fight, Conteh produced some superb left hooks to the head and then the body, but Lopez was back as strong as ever in the 7th trying to find a way to victory with his left jabbing. Most of the rounds were won or lost narrowly, usually in a burst of jabs by Conteh which tipped the balance against the indecisive shots of the challenger. In the 11th round Lopez suffered a cut over his left eye and the sight of blood only added to Conteh’s incentive. Conteh, though, was running out of energy and he cleverly spun out his resources over the remaining rounds picking off his challenger with those left jabs, emphasizing again his class.

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