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Harold Johnson Beats Doug Jones This Day May 12, 1962



Harold Johnson Beats Doug Jones This Day May 12, 1962 – Johnson wins light heavyweight crown





Harold Johnson 171½ lbs

Doug Jones 171½ lbs

UD in round 15 of 15

Location: Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Referee: Dave Beloff 74-61

Judge: Zach Clayton 73-64

Judge: Nick Spano 71-63

Unofficial AP scorecard: 70-62 Johnson

World Light Heavyweight Title (Vacant)




Johnson entered the fight as the National Boxing Association World Light Heavyweight Champion, and Jones was the No. 2 contender.

Johnson won the vacant NBA title in 1961 after it had been stripped from Archie Moore for failure to defend. However, Moore was still recognized as champion by New York, Massachusetts, California, the European Boxing Union and The Ring magazine.

On February 9, 1962, New York stripped Moore for failure to defend. Massachusetts, the EBU and The Ring soon followed suit. Only California still recognized Moore as champion.

Johnson was a 2-1 betting favorite.

A crowd of 5,137 produced a gross gate of $31,784.

Johnson was guaranteed $20,000 from the TV money and 40% of the gate. Jones got $17,500.

There were no knockdowns. The closest thing to it came after the bell rang to end the eleventh round. Johnson and Jones kept banging away with Johnson on the attack and Jones pinned against the ropes near a neutral corner. Ollie Hackman, Jones’ co-manager, jumped into the ring between rounds and complained to the referee. The two boxers also fought after the bell ending rounds five and seven.

The Associated Press reported: “Harold Johnson speared Doug Jones with an accurate jab and shock up the challenger with quick counter flurries….Johnson played his usual cat-and-mouse game, stabbing with a left while waiting for an opening to throw those quick combinations.” The AP also called Johnson “the master boxer” and the fight “one-sided.”

After defeating Jones, Johnson was recognized as the World Light Heavyweight Champion everywhere but California.

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