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Lennox Lewis Beats Ray Mercer This Day May 10, 1996



Lennox Lewis Beats Ray Mercer This Day May 10, 1996




  • Ray Mercer 238 lbs
  • Lennox Lewis 247 lbs
  • MD in round 10 of 10
  • Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
  • Referee: Arthur Mercante Jr.
  • Judge: George Colon 94-96
  • Judge: Luis Rivera 95-96
  • Judge: Melvina Lathan 95-95
  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 97-93 Mercer
  • Unofficial Philadelphia Daily News scorecard: 97-95 Mercer
  • Unofficial HBO scorecard: 95-95



At the 1988 Olympics, Lewis won gold at super heavyweight and Mercer won gold at heavyweight.

Lewis got $1.2 million and Mercer made $400,000.

The fight was televised live on HBO.

There was a crowd of 17,041 at Madison Square Garden.

The fight was a true slugfest from start to finish.

There were no knockdowns in the fight.

The decision was loudly booed.


Post-Fight Quotes

“I felt that I was comfortably ahead,” Lewis said. “But I don’t take anything away from Ray Mercer. Ray Mercer is no slouch. Ray Mercer comes to fight all the time. He had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Ray gave Holyfield a great fight. He gives everybody a great fight.”

“I did the best I could,” Mercer said. “I don’t know what the judges were watching. I don’t think I lost the fight. I gave away a couple of rounds, but I still think I did enough to win.”

“Lennox moved up to another level as a fighter tonight, I think,” said Emanuel Steward, Lewis’ trainer. “It showed that if he has to go to war and gut it out, he can do it.”

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