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Manny Pacquiao And Other Great Southpaw Boxing Champions

Manny Pacquiao Follows Long Line of Great Southpaws

Manny Pacquiao fights Juan Raul Marquez this weekend. Pacquiao is but one of a great line of southpaw boxing champions all worthy of being in the Boxing Hall of Fame.


The Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas ranks these fighters in this order:


Marvelous Marvin Hagler Pose

1 Marvin Hagler

His victories of Duran, Mugabi, Antuerfuermo were notable.  But, it was his fight against Tommy Hearns may be greatest 3 rounds in all of boxing history.


Welterweight Boxing Champion of the World Manny Pacquiao

2. Manny Pacquiao

May very well replace Hagler as the greatest southpaw of all time


Joe Calzaghe World Boxing Champion

3. Joe Calzaghe

Recently retired Welsh great


Vicente Saldivar world boxing champion

4  Vicente Saldivar

Sensational Mexican warrior


Khaosai Galaxy World Boxing Champion

5 Khaosai Galaxy

Greatest fighter Thailand has ever produced


Flash Elorde World boxing Champion

6 Gabriel Flash Elorde

Like Pacquiao – another Pilipino boxing legend


Laszlo Papp World Boxing Champion

7 Laszlo Papp

Papp won 3 Olympic gold boxing medals for Hungary. He was not permitted to fight professional in Hungary so he fought out of Italy. He retired undefeated


Tiger Flowers World Boxing Champion

8 Tiger Flowers

The “Georgia Deacon” – first black man to hold the middleweight boxing title


Pernell Whitaker Boxing

9 Pernell Whitaker

Very hard to catch in the ring


Michael Nunn World Boxing Champion

10 Michael Nunn

One of the finest fighters of the 1980’s


Will other southpaw boxing champions come along to replace any of the legends in this top 10 list?



Author – Boxing Hall of Fame

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