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Marvin Hagler Beats Roberto Duran This Day November 10, 1983 and retains his middleweight crown

Marvin Hagler Beats Roberto Duran This Day November 10, 1983 and retains his middleweight crown




  • Roberto Duran 156½ lbs
  • Marvin Hagler 157½ lbs
  • UD in round 15 of 15
  • Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Referee: Stanley Christodoulou
  • Judge: Guy Jutras 142-144
  • Judge: Yusaku Yoshida 145-146
  • Judge: Ove Ovesen 143-144
  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 145-142 Hagler
  • Unofficial Los Angeles Times scorecard: 146-141 Hagler
  • WBA Middleweight Title (7th defense by Hagler)
  • WBC Middleweight Title (7th defense by Hagler)
  • IBF Middleweight Title (2nd defense by Hagler)




Hagler was a 4 to 1 favorite.

Hagler was guaranteed $5 million, and Duran was guaranteed $1.5 million. Each also received a percentage of the revenue.

The fight was shown on closed-circuit television in 400 locations with three million seats. There was also pay-per-view television in Chicago and Los Angeles. HBO and NBC had delayed rights.

There was a crowd of 14,600 in the outdoor stadium at Caesars Palace.

After 13 rounds, Duran was ahead by one point on two scorecards and even on the third. Hagler, with his left eye swollen and cut, came on strong in the last two rounds to win the fight.

After winning seven consecutive title defenses by knockout, Hagler was forced to go the distance for the first time as champion.


Hagler: “It seemed everybody was disappointed that I didn’t knock him out. I felt that way myself. But he wasn’t that vulnerable to a knockout. It was hard to hit him with a solid punch….You don’t barrel in there on a guy like Roberto Duran. Why take unnecessary punishment unless you have to? I’d been effective and was winning the fight, so it isn’t like I had to go in there and take the punishment to bomb him out.”

Duran: “He came to tear my head off, but when he saw that I could hit him hard, with strength, he got scared and became a coward. That’s why he didn’t take too many chances and mix it up with me. Everyone was saying he was a destroyer, but when he hit me, he didn’t do anything to me. His punches absolutely did me no damage. He got scared every time he threw a jab because I could get my right in under it. That’s why he held off so much.”

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