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Sammy Davis Jr & Marciano Boxing and Music Part 2

Singers and Musicians Always Flock to the Sweet Science – Boxing


For a century boxing has been a magnet for legendary musicians and singers.

Whether they enter the ring, sing about it, or watch from ringside they love boxing.
Here in part 2 – the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. appears on Main Event with the undefeated Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Rocky Marciano.


Other famous musicians and singers who have entered the “ring.”

Justin Beiber looks like he might be able to take a beating


Justin Bieber


Jenifer Lopez has been photographed in boxing pose many times


Jennifer Lopez


Grace Slick looks like she might make a great welterweight




David Bowie has a very serious look on his face



Frank Sinatra was around during the great Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano era


Frank Sinatra


Even Elvis Presley portrayed “Kid Galahad” in a Hollywood boxing movie


Elvis Presley


Don McLean was a super hit with “American Pie




Chris Izaak shows a pretty good jab




Billy Joel was an amateur Golden Glove boxer in the 1970’s


Billy Joel


Berry Gordy and Diana Ross were big boxing fans. Berry was an amateur fighter before entering the music world


Berry Gordy Diana Ross hollywood


Barbara Streisand loved doing this movie with Ryan O’Neal


Barbara Streisand


Al Jolson was a fight manager. Here he  is with his pride and joy – Henry Armstrong


ARMSTRONG WITH Al Jolson Eddie Meade co-managers Jan 31, 1938


Yes – Singers and Musicians Always Flock to the Sweet Science – Boxing


Author – Boxing Hall of Fame

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