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Boxing KO King Tyson Becomes Iron Mike 1987

Mike Tyson Becomes Iron Mike Las Vegas 1987


Boxing images of Iron Mike Mike Tyson have been seen by millions for the past 25 years.

Mike Tyson Sports ilustrated

Tyson vs Berbick


Iron Mike Mike moved quickly up the Heavyweight ladder in 1985 and became the number 1 challenger for the Heavyweight crown.

Iron Mike Tyson beat Trevor Berbick for the WBC Heavyweight Boxing Title in November 1986 and became the youngest title holder in history.

Tyson Berbick KO


The poster for the Tyson vs Berbick fight showed a clasped fist that had a metallic look. The graphic designers began to think. Iron Mike was in the concept stage.

Tyson Fist Poster


The Las Vegas Hilton wanted Mike Tyson back for his first defense. That defense would be against the WBA Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, James “Bonechrusher”  Smith.

The Hilton wanted a signature look for Tyson and went to work developing one. They got it.


Iron Mike Tyson


Iron Mike Tyson was born.  Every fight that followed had the ring announcer blasting Mike’s the new title, Iron Mike Tyson.


Iron Mike Tyson was the sporting world’s hottest new superstar.

The biggest fight in the history of boxing was now on the horizon

Iron Mike Tyson vs Former Heavyweight Champion Michael Spinks to decide finally the true and legitimate Heavyweight Champion of the World.





Tyson Spinks


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