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Mike Tyson Explodes – KOs Dave Jaco in 1 – This Day January 11, 1986


Mike Tyson Explodes – KOs Dave Jaco in 1 – This Day January 11, 1986



  • Mike Tyson 217 lbs
  • David Jaco 210 lbs
  • TKO at 2:16 in round 1 of 10
  • Location: Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany, New York, USA
  • Referee: Sid Rubenstein





Mike Tyson 15-0 (15 KOs) vs. David Jaco 19-5 (15 KOs)

Jaco entered with a record of 1-2 in his previous three bouts, with a win against Razor Ruddock (9-0-1) and knockout losses to Pierre Coetzer (12-1) and Tony Tucker (28-0).

Jaco earned $5,000 for the fight.

Bout Summary

A straight left hand nine seconds into the fight caused Jaco to take a couple steps back. Tyson came forward and landed a clean right hook that backed Jaco into a corner. Tyson showed excellent head movement to avoid the rangy jab of Jaco and landed with a lunging left hook at 35 seconds. A right hand again backed Jaco into a corner and a followup left hook sent Jaco down to all fours at 0:51. He got to his feet at the count of five. Another left hook sent Jaco down to all fours at 1:08. He attempted to gather himself before getting to his feet at the count of eight. Tyson landed heavy shots and snapped back Jaco’s head with uppercuts as Jaco attempted to hold on. A short right hand caught Jaco bouncing off the ropes and sent him down for a third time.



“He was quick, like a cat. He came in so low to the ground. I was bent over, trying to hit him. But he just came up and bang, bang. He was for real back then. The referee came up to me and said ‘Nice fight, David,’ And I said, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ He said ‘You’ve been down three times!’ I said, ‘Bull—-! I’ve only been down twice!'” – David Jaco in a 2005 interview with ESPN.com

“Tyson was only 19 at the time, but he was already on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I went at it with him. I got knocked down once. Then he knocked me down again. The ref told me, ‘Good fight.’ He said it was over because of the three knockdown rule [in a round]. But I only remembered being knocked down twice. So I argued with the ref. I was fighting for my life. I didn’t believe him until my corner man told me he was right. I made $5,000, and it was not much, but it changed my life forever. I was able to pack up and move to Florida to take care of my kids. I just wanted to make sure they were raised right. I never made that million-dollar payday, but I accomplished what I wanted to. I was able to take care of my kids.” – David Jaco in a 2011 interview

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