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Muhammad Ali Boxing Football’s Lyle Alzado

Football Superstar Lyle Alzado takes on The Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World  – Muhammad Ali


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On July 14, 1979 football defensive end Lyle Alzado (at about 6’4″, 285) boxed an exhibition against Muhammad Ali at a time when Ali had just retired from competitive boxing. Ali had just won the heavyweight title back and become the first man ever to hold the heavyweight crown three times.



Alzado grew up in Brooklyn New York had been boxing in the Golden Gloves.


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Lyle trained at a local boxing gym, in the Globeville area – which itself had a rich boxing history locally at the time. Television crews dutifully covered his training sessions and did a number of reporters


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It was a boxing exhibition, but the football star Alzado took it pretty seriously.


Ali Alzado 4


Lyle trained as hard for the boxing it as he did for football.

Ali weighed in at 234 pounds.


Ali was boxing and dancing around and pretty much toyed with Lyle, but football star Alzado stood in there for the full eight rounds and was most impressive in the clinches, twice actually lifting Ali off the mat and spinning him around.


Lyle Alzado landed a few hard blows actually, which while not stunning Ali, did seem to make him want to hit Alzado harder. Ali basically worked Alzado over at will.


At the end it was a boxing no decision but the football fans got their monies worth.

Author – Boxing Hall of Fame

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