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Muhammad Ali Stops Henry Cooper This Day in Boxing May 21, 1966

Muhammad Ali Stops Henry Cooper This Day May 21, 1966

Muhammad Ali Retains the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship with 6th Round TKO over tough Henry Cooper



At 201½ pounds, Ali was at his lightest ever weight for a title fight.

46,000 fans attended the fight.

This was England’s first world heavyweight title fight in 58 years.

The Associated Pres scored the first two rounds for Cooper, called the third even, and gave Ali the fourth and fifth.

The fight was stopped due to a cut over Cooper’s left eye, which Ali opened early in the sixth round. The cut required 16 stitches. Sports Illustrated reported that Ali landed “a short, chopping right hand onto Cooper’s left brow. The blood shot out at once. Cooper did not merely bleed, he gushed. The cut opened above and slightly to the side of the brow, near the small artery at the temple, and both fighters were immediately splashed with blood.”

Cooper claimed the cut was opened by an accidental clash of heads.


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