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This Day October 19, 1985 Leroy Murphy KOs Chisanda Mutti

Leroy Murphy KOs Chisanda Mutti This Day October 19, 1985

Murphy retains the cruiserweight crown





Lee Roy Murphy 190 lbs

Chisanda Mutti 188 lbs

KO at 1:53 in round 12 of 15

Location: Stade Louis II, Fontvieille, Monaco

Referee: Larry Hazzard

Judge: Frank Brunette 102-105

Judge: Renato Caddeo 102-106

Judge: Lorenzo Casentini 101-105

International Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Title (2nd defense of Murphy)

Time: 1:53



Mutti, despite having a height and reach advantage, chose to go after Murphy. Both traded jabs and power shots, mostly in each other’s range.

Murphy was down in round 9 after taking a series of punches.

An exhausted Mutti was dropped in round 11 by a right.

In round 12, both fighters simultaneously exchanged right hands, and both fell to the canvas. The referee picked up a count for both fighters. Murphy struggled up to feet, but a completely exhausted Mutti laid hunched on the canvas, unable to beat the count.

Mutti was kept down for 3 minutes afterwards by his handlers.

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