Steve Lott

Steve Lott was executive producer at the Big Fights, Inc., and assistant manager of ten fighters, including five world champions.



Over a thirty-year span at Big Fights, Inc., Steve produced films on: Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Roberto Duran, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, and almost every other legendary fighter. Steve’s film credits include the documentaries, “Muhammad Ali – Skill, Brain and Guts,” “Sugar Ray Robinson – Pound for Pound,” “Grudge Fights,” “Mike Tyson – Inside Story,” and “Greatest One Punch Knockouts.”  When Big Fights was sold to ESPN in 1998 for $73 million dollars, Steve supervised the three-year process of transferring and cataloging thousands of reels of original films and tapes from the Big Fights library into a digital ESPN database.

Steve was assistant manager and camp coordinator for world boxing champions Edwin Rosario and Wilfred Benitez, managing training schedules, fight media, medicals, sparring, travel, and appearances.  Steve’s role expanded with other fighters including: Tommy Morrison, Jeremy Williams, Michael Grant, Vinny Pazienza and Mike Tyson.



Mike Tyson shared Steve’s apartment in New York City from 1985-1987. During that time, in addition to overseeing all Mike’s prefight obligations, Steve was responsible for coordinating Mike’s TV appearances including: commercial shoots for Pepsi-Cola, Nintendo Video, Kodak Film, as well as spokesperson roles for the New York City Police Department, FBI and DEA.



Steve owns the rights to one of the world’s largest libraries of unique boxing video and photos and licenses them to documentary film production companies, as well as for publication.

Steve developed the new Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas website and other social media. Steve’s dedication to new media postings has generated 385,000 Facebook “likes” – more than any other sports hall of fame in the world. The Boxing Hall of Fame YouTube channel has in excess of 100,000 subscribers and more than 80 million views. Steve’s also posts on LinkedIn, google+, pinterest, and tumbler.



Steve has built relationships with leading members of the boxing press, as well as trainers, boxers, referees, promoters, and celebrities. He has appeared in many boxing documentaries and TV specials as well as Larry King Live.





Won 3 National Handball Championships

6th degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate

Amateur Radio Operator – Advanced Class



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