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Sugar Ray Robinson Fights Draw With Gene Fullmer This Day December 2, 1960



Sugar Ray Robinson Fights Draw With Gene Fullmer This Day December 2, 1960




  • Gene Fullmer 159 lbs
  • Sugar Ray Robinson 158¾ lbs
  • PTS in round 15 of 15
  • Location: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Referee: Tommy Hart 4-11
  • Judge: Lee Grossman 9-5
  • Judge: George Latka 8-8
  • National Boxing Association Middleweight Championship (4th defense by Fullmer)




A crowd of 13,465 produced a gross gate of $122,584.

The promotion received $100,000 from TV rights.

The fight was televised live on ABC, with a 300-mile blackout in the Los Angeles area.

Fullmer received 40% of the net, and Robinson got 20%.

The fighters wore eight-ounce gloves and fought in an 18-foot ring.

The California scoring system was used, which gave the winner of a round one or more points up to five and the loser none.

The Associated Press scorecard the fight 7-6 for Fullmer, and United Press International scored it 10-7 for Robinson.

A UPI survey of ringside reporters showed fourteen scored for Robinson, six for Fullmer and three had the bout even.


Post-Fight Comments

“Fullmer’s a very rough guy to fight. You can’t plan anything with him.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

“I’m no lover of Sugar Ray Robinson. Once when my manager and I tried to call him for a fight, he asked, ‘Gene Fullmer? Who’s he?’ But I must say he’s a gentleman in the ring.” – Gene Fullmer

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