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This Day October 20, 2000 Mike Tyson Stops Andrew Golota

Mike Tyson Stops Andrew Golota This Day October 20, 2000

Iron Mike scores 3rd round TKO




Mike Tyson 222 lbs

Andrew Golota 240 lbs

Location: The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Referee: Frank Garza

Judge: Brad Wright

Judge: Bernard Teachout

Judge: Rosemary Grable


After the second round, Golota got off his stool and began to walk around his corner refusing to fight another round. The referee had no choice but to award the fight to Tyson.

Golota was pelted with garbage and drinks as he was rushed to his dressing room.

Golota, although behind on the scorecards, he was very much into the fight but retired on his stool saying “I quit” to the cornerman, who acted in disbelief. Later it is revealed that Golota had a broken bone in his head, which could have pierced his brain, should the fight have continued. Golota claimed in the dressing room that Tyson was headbutting him all the time during the fight, but the referee did not warn Tyson.

Golota would not fight again for 3 years after this controversial match.

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