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Rocky Marciano Stops Lee Savold This Day February 13, 1952


Rocky Marciano Stops Lee Savold This Day February 13, 1952



  • Rocky Marciano 186 lbs
  • Lee Savold 200 lbs
  • RTD in round 6 of 10
  • Location: Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: Pete Tomasco


A fighter has to have his annuities paid up before going against Rocky Marciano.

Marciano, the hard punching heavyweight from Brockton, Mass., not only beats his opponents into bloody submission, but he sends them scurrying for a rocking chair and retirement.

Like Wednesday night when to all intent and purposes he ended the career of the veteran Lee Savold. It is no exaggeration to say that Marciano slaughtered Savold. The 35-year-old Englewood, N. J., fighter was a blood-soaked hulk when his manager, Bill Daly, asked Referee Pete Tomasso to stop the uneven match at the end of the sixth round.

“The will was there but not the body,” said Daly. “I’m going to advise Lee to retire from the ring tomorrow.”

John (Ox) DaGrosa, Pennsylvania state athletic commissioner, said he was going to suspend Savold indefinitely and ask him to retire.

Savold never had a chance. The unbeaten Marciano charged across the ring from the first bell, smashed two tremendous left hooks into Savold’s face and then unmercifully cut down his bigger opponent. Marciano weighed 186½ and Savold 200. The announced attendance was 9,243 and the gate a disappointing $61,386.


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