Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson KOs Marvis Frazier 30 Seconds – 30 years ago

Mike Tyson KOs Marvis Frazier July 26, 1986

Never before seen post fight video




Mike Tyson 217 lbs

Marvis Frazier 210½ lbs

TKO at 0:30 in round 1 of 10

Location: Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York, USA

Referee: Joe Cortez

Aired On: ABC’s Wide World of Sports (Main Event)

Mike Tyson used a devastating right uppercut to knock out Marvis Frazier 30 seconds into their scheduled 10-round bout. The fighters met at center ring after the opening bell, and Tyson quickly stunned Frazier with a right hand. He then forced Frazier into the corner and struck with an uppercut that crumpled Frazier to the floor. Referee Joe Cortez counted to five before waving an end to the bout.



Mike Tyson 24-0 (22 KOs) vs. Marvis Frazier 16-1 (7 KOs)

At 30 seconds, it was the fastest knockout of Tyson’s professional career.

Tyson entered as the # 2 heavyweight challenger by the WBC, Frazier was ranked # 9 by the WBC and # 4 challenger by the IBF.

It was the second knockout loss of Frazier’s career. His previous came against Larry Holmes (44-0) in the opening round.

Following the win, Tyson’s manager Jim Jacobs indicated that he had been in talks with Larry Holmes (48-2), who had just been twice defeated by Michael Spinks (29-0). The two did not meet, however, until January of 1988 after Holmes was away from the ring for a year and a half.




Official Fight Poster” I’m from Catskill, New York and I’m the best fighter in the world.” – Mike Tyson

“I was calm. I was relaxed and I had a great deal of confidence that I was going to stop him in the first round. The punches I threw were very accurate. I thought he was a little reluctant about coming out. I saw a little hesitation. I saw him coming down and I said, “This is the perfect time to throw the uppercut.” – Mike Tyson

“It was scary because he went down real slow. I don’t want to hurt anybody. That’s the last thing I want to do, hurt anybody.” – Mike Tyson

“I can tell you what happened. I got hit with a right uppercut. That’s what happened. When Larry Holmes hit me, it was the same kind of feeling. I’m going to take it easy, think a little bit, and see what the good Lord has for me to do. Maybe He’s trying to tell me something and I’m not listening. ” – Marvis Frazier following the knockout loss.

“I could have counted to 20 and he wouldn’t have gotten up. Marvis was really out of it. I was more concerned about the safety of the fighter.” – Joe Cortez

“He’s ready to fight anybody in the world” – Kevin Rooney

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