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Boxing from Hollywood to Your Underwear

Boxing’s Influence the Mainstream


Hurricane -Denzel  Washington Hollywood Boxing Movie Poster

Boxing as a Theme is Used in Many Mainstream Categories

The sport of boxing is not confined to the ring. Throughout history boxing has been used in many other areas and for many other reasons.

Beefeater Gin Liquor Boxing Theme Advertising Posting

Perhaps the substantial and most powerful use of boxing has been in Hollywood. Boxing has been the theme in Hollywood more than any other sports. There are 6 sports theme films in the American Film Institute list of the top 100 films of all time – 5 are boxing: Raging Bull, City Lights, On the Waterfront, Pulp Fiction, and Rocky.

PULP FICTION Comic Book Boxing Theme

Advertising has incorporated boxing in many products from beer and wine to women’s underwear.

Screeam Queen Sexy Woman Magazine cover


The publishing world has used boxing many different areas especially comic books, men’s magazines, and Pulp Fiction.

Od Navy Cologne Perfume Boxing Advertising


The world of politics has had its share also. Even today – it’s Obama vs Romney standing toe-to-toe.

ROMNEY OBAMA  Political Boxing Button

The music recording industry has used boxing graphics on a number of different albums and as a theme for many performers.


Has any area of the mainstream not seen the use of boxing?


Brady Football Boxing Advertising Poster


Author: Steven Lott

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