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Rocky Marciano TKOs Walcott – The Rock Talks With Jersey Joe


Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott

This Main Event Series Show #2 has Marciano talking with the man he beat for the title, Jersey Joe Walcott.


  • Rocky Marciano 184½ lbs
  • Jersey Joe Walcott 196½ lbs
  • KO at 0:43 in round 13 of 15
  • Location: Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: Charley Daggert 4-7
  • Judge: Pete Tomasco 5-7
  • Judge: Zach Clayton 4-8
  • World Heavyweight Championship (2nd defense by Walcott)



The fight was shown on closed circuit TV in 50 theaters in 31 cities coast to coast.

Marciano was a slight betting favorite.

A left hook from Walcott floored Marciano early in the first round. It was the first time in his 43-fight professional career that Marciano had been knocked down. He got up at the count of four.

Going into the 13th round, Walcott was ahead on all three official scorecards. Early in the round, Walcott backed up to the ropes and began to launch a right hand, but Marciano beat him to it and put him down for the count with a right to the jaw.

The fight was named The Ring Fight of the Year.

The 13th round was named The Ring Round of the Year.

The fight was named the 16th Greatest Title Fight of All-Time by The Ring in 1996.


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