Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson and Cus D’amato – Wonderful Story

Mike Tyson and Cus D’amato – Wonderful Story


Cus D’amato molds Mike Tyson – a street who becomes the “World’s Most Popular Athlete.”

Legendary actor Lloyd Bridges narrates this moving story.





After Patterson’s and Torres’s careers had ended, D’Amato worked in relative obscurity. He eventually moved to Catskill, New York, where he opened a gym. The Mike Tyson Story begins.

It was there that he met and began to work with the future heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, who was in a nearby reform school.

He took Tyson under his wing and adopted him after Tyson’s mother died. D’Amato trained him over the next few years, encouraging Tyson to use the peek-a-boo approach style of boxing, where the hands are placed in front of the boxers face for more protection. D’Amato was assisted -for a short time- by Teddy Atlas, who later became a respected trainer himself, and later Kevin Rooney, a protégé of D’Amato, who emphasized elusiveness of movement and would guide Tyson to the heavyweight championship sixteen months after D’Amato’s death. It is unclear at exactly what age (11 or 12) Tyson first became seriously interested in becoming a professional boxer.

Bobby Stewart, a former Golden Gloves Champion, was approached by Tyson while working as a counselor at the Tryon School for Boys. Tyson knew of Stewart’s former boxing glory and specifically asked to speak with Stewart who immediately took on a gruff attitude of the subject after witnessing Tyson’s terrible behavior in his first days at the school. Again, the timeline is unclear, but Bobby Stewart took Mike Tyson to meet D’Amato sometime between Tyson’s 12-13th year of age.

Stewart was clear on the fact that he had taught Mike all he could about boxing technique & skill at that point. D’Amato died a little over a year before Tyson became the youngest world heavyweight titleholder in history at the age of 20 years 4 months, thus supplanting Patterson’s record.

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