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Boxing Scores a Knockout at Academy Awards

Academy Awards Selects Two Boxing Hall of Fame Documentaries for Preservation



Statue of Academy Boxing

Closeup of Academy Award boxing Statue


Legendary Champions and Jack Johnson Were both Nominated for Oscars


Two Boxing Hall of Fame Documentaries have been selected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for preservation.


Both features were nominated for best documentary Oscars, Legendary Champions in 1968 and Jack Johnson in 1970.


Both Won Prestigious Atlanta Film Festival awards as best documentary


Legendary Champions Gold Medal for Legendary champions


Legendary Champions is the documentary focusing on heavyweight boxing champions from 1882 to 1929.


Boxing Feature Legendary Champions


Jack Johnson is the documentary focusing on the boxing career of the first black heavyweight Champion


Jack Johnson Brochure for Boxing feature film winner


Best picture Oscar in 1968 went to Oliver

Best Picture Oscar in 1970 went to Patton

Academy Award Gold Boxing Statue



Author – Steven Lott

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